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The Beauty Of Outdoors

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Wow! The weather has finally made a turn for the better! The leaves are blowing in the breeze and the sun is shining in all its' glory! Oh, the wonders of spring! Not too hot, not too cold, just right! All the neighborhood kids are resurfacing and bringing the block back to life again. It's such a good feeling getting out, meeting neighbors at the park and catching up on the past few months. Oh, and it's even better for the kids! They can finally let out some steam without breaking the house!


There's something about the beautiful weather that gets people moving. Now that we can enjoy the outdoors, it's hard to sit still! Our brains are telling us: run, run, run! Not necessarily to a specific location, but just get out and enjoy the day.


The warm weather is also good for your health believe it or not! Do you get enough sunlight? The sun is a great way to pack in some vitamin D. Many people are vitamin D deficient, so if you were indoors for the past few months, make a point to get out now. 


Exercise is another great benefit of the warm weather. During the winter months, people tend to sit around and watch TV instead of venturing out in the snow. Now is the perfect time to get on those sneakers and take a brisk walk outside. Oh, and drag your loved one along to spend some great quality time together! You won't regret it!

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