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Mother's Day!

Appreciation Gifts Love Mother's Day Spring

Remember when your mom ran down the block with you,
Teaching you how to ride a 2 wheel bike?
How about when she went to four different stores,
To find the perfect jacket that you would like?
Do you recall all your favorite dinners,
That she cooked especially for you?
And those awesome birthday parties she threw,
While inviting the neighbors and friends too!
It may have been a while back and you do not recall from years ago. You very likely are a mom yourself, but make sure to show your mom your love and appreciation for all that she did, does and continues to do for you!
Mothers are never on vacation! They do so much for their children and now we can do something back for them. And of course, what could be a better gift than a candLOVE Candle? Gift your mom with a spring/summer scented candle and she will be forever grateful!
Oh, and one more thing! You can even win a free candle! Comment, share and like our post on Facebook ( for a chance to win a free candle of your choice! The winner will be announced on May 10th so stay tuned!

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