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School's Out!

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It's hard to believe that the school year is actually coming to a close. We have a lot to be grateful for as our children grew and blossomed in so many ways! They learnt math, reading, spelling and so much more. But more importantly, we hope they grew inside their hearts! We hope they are more caring, thoughtful, well behaved... from when they started off the year. Now, kids are not angels and they do make mistakes, but on the whole, we do hope they matured a little for their age level. 

Our dear teachers deserve a lot of credit here so lets all give a round of applause for all those dedicated and hard working teachers!!!!! They taught our children such wonderful and important life skills that they will hopefully always remember.

People thrive and perform well when they feel respected and appreciated. So now is the opportune time to send a nice, meaningful note with a small present to our children's teachers. 

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