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Time To Freshen Up Your Home!

Are you one of those that goes down to the beach every weekend, or often enough? Spending time at the beach is fabulous. It's somewhat therapeutic in a way. Sitting under the hot sun, digging your hands and feet into the sand and watching those waves come and go... Ah, the beauty of the ocean! It's soooooo relaxing...... To just sit there and chill without a care in the world... but hey, don't forget about your little ones! You gotta keep an eye on them while relaxing, no easy job! And boy do those kids get filthy! The sand and water mixed together, building castles and running after sea shells... It's so much fun! But once it's time to gather everyone and head home, the real fun begins! Getting rid of all the sand to keep the car and house clean... hmm. is that possible? Once your home and throw all the wet and dirty clothes into the machine, you can breathe again! But does your house have that beach smell still lingering?

Well, we've got the perfect solution! Light up a CANDLOVE candle with your favorite scent and you'll be as good as new. The awesome, powerful scent will leave your home smelling fresh and clean. Whether you choose a floral, food or aromatic scent, you'll have the freshest smelling house on the block. Check out all our amazing scents here and don't forget, if you don't see it, just ask for it!

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