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For That Special Father Of Yours!

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Looking for a smashing gift for your dad? Something he'll cherish and appreciate? Something that will give over your love for him? Why not gift him with one of our superb luxury scented candles? He sure does deserve it!

Father's Day is all about recognition. Take a moment to think about all that your dad has done (and continues to do) for you. Are you a parent yourself? Think about how much you do for your children, whether they realize it or not. Well, that's what your dad did for you! Did he carry you on his shoulders to bed? Did he drive you to school when you missed the bus? Did he stop in the store to find your favorite candy? Did he ever cook/serve you dinner when your mom was not around? There is no end to how much a parent gives to their children. So now, it's time to give something back to him!

Does your dad love to relax on the leather sofa or take a ride in his leather seated car? Then the Fresh Leather scented candle was made with him in mind! Would your dad prefer the smell of blended Tobacco & Cedar? Or is your dad a coffee lover? Our Mocha Cappuccino and Rich Coffee Aroma will awaken his senses with the rich smell of freshly roasted and brewed coffee. You can also try the Oak scented candle for a blend of red oak, cedar wood and musk. The possibilities are endless! Whatever it is you have in mind, we're sure to have it and if not, let us know so we can start working on it for you!

Take 10% off all orders in honor of Father's Day! Enter dad2017 at checkout.

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