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Spring Is Around The Block!

Garden Love Spring

Spring? Now? When it's freezing out? Yup, you got it! Spring is officially starting on March 20. That's in just 1 week! So although you may still be in the hot cocoa and fireplace mode, you gotta start thinking Spring. 

Oh, the beauty of Spring! The cool breezy days, not too hot, not too cold. Nice enough to play outdoors without bundling up. No worries of catching a cough and cold in the bitter outdoors. Just beautiful. Just perfect.

As the longer days wind down and it starts to get chilly out, it's time to gather 'round and relax by the warmth of a CANDLOVE candle. There are some fabulous spring scents available which will really pull you into the spring mode.

Try the Honeysuckle scented candle. The intoxicating and sweet smell of honeysuckle will bring your senses alive!

The Fresh Linen scented candle is an awesome scent too! It's reminiscent of freshly washed linen drying in the sun. Elevate your mood with this light, fresh and clean scent.
No matter what scent your heart pulls you at, you're sure to enjoy the love and warmth of a CANDLOVE candle. So come and joint the CANDLOVER family today!

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