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Why the Candle Sets (Memory Lane)


We know that smell is associated with our memories. Certain scents bring up those special moments in our lives; your first kiss, the day you landed your first job or the day you moved into your first home.

As the summer approached, it made us start thinking about our special memories. What scents did we associate with those days? What smell would bring us back to those special moments?

We started with our Celebrate America candle set as our gateway to summer. July 4th weekend was a day of picnics and fun. Sparklers in every kid’s hands and staying up for the grand firework spectacle as the stars started coming out. Our picnic table was covered with a fresh linen tablecloth in honor of the day as mother set out blueberries and cherries among other fruit to celebrate the colors we so proudly wave with some healthy snacks. It is a memory to cherish and remember.

But the summer isn’t just one weekend. Our summer days were filled with activities like exploring the local woods and watering holes and looking for ways to while our days away. We would come home to fresh cut watermelon and sometimes even a popsicle or dreamsicle. Later, as the sun came down, we would sit on the porch, citronella permeating the air to keep away the bugs, and look at the great light show in the sky. This was our inspiration for our Summer Dream candle set.

Our favorite memory is really just a moment, when we would run through the tall wild grass, hands out like an airplane, with the stalks whipping at us. The summer scents of our area in the air like honeysuckle, lavender and eucalyptus. Those days of freedom and innocence. These are the scents of our Summer Wind candle set.

What are your memories that you want to share and what sets of three would you want to see? Comment below as we plan on adding more sets in weeks to come.

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