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My Mom Always Said to Say “Thank You”


We here at Candlove were so very excited about expanding our candle family with new scents like Carrot Cake, Fresh Leather and Magnolia & Peach to name just a few that we wanted to share that joy with you. We discussed the best way to both introduce these candles and to give back to all the “Candlovers” across the United States. It was decided that a sale would do just the trick but not just any regular sale. We needed to make a splash, light up the fireworks, and make a lot of noise so we put all our cards on the table with a crazy candle fire sale on all our scented candles. The results speak for themselves as we are so happy that so many of you took part and enjoyed the new scents amongst the old and helped us announce our ever growing scented candle family. That is why we want to say Thank You!

✔️ Thank you to all the Candlovers that purchased our candles and tried the different scents.

✔️ Thank you for helping us spread the word about our new candle scents and our crazy candle fire sale.

✔️ Thank you to all the followers and for the likes on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and sharing our message with your friends.

✔️ Thank you for the reviews and sharing your experiences with our candles.

✔️ And most importantly, thank you for your continued support as we at Candlove continue to bring you 100% soy, made in the USA candles of every scent.

Please tell us what you are grateful for and if there are any scents that you would like to see added to our family in the comment section below.

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