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Welcome Spring!

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Spring! Just mentioning of the word brings cheerful thoughts to mind. No more scarves, hats and gloves. No more shoveling the snow. No more drinking hot cocoa by the fireplace. Oh the beauty of Spring! After a long winter, we welcome it with open arms.

If you thought lighting a candle was just for winter time, think again! We've got awesome spring scents to brighten your home.

Try the Lavender Lemon candle. Its' soft baby purple color is just right and with two classic scents combined, you'll get that intoxicating blend of fresh citrusy lemon and fragrant lavender. This scent helps you relax and unwind while energizing and uplifting your mood. Just what you need after a long day at work! So go ahead and pull that lavender scented candle out of your closet and light it up as you sit down to dinner!

If you're looking for a floral mixture, then Gardenia is just what you need. The scent of garden flowers will permeate your home for an instant burst of spring. This scent also helps keep you focused and energetic. So when you relaxing in the evening but still have plenty more to do, the gardenia scented candle will get you through it all!

Whichever scent you choose, you'll be a winner! Come and join the CANDLOVER family today!

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