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Invite Summer Into Your Home With Summer’s Best Candle Scents

9 Best Candle Scents for Summer

Invite summer into your home this season with summer's best candle scents. Whether you are stuck working in the city or simply long for the carefree outdoor scents of summer, bring the outdoor scents of summer alive in your home this season with summer's top nine candle scents:

  1. Fresh Linen: Reminiscent of freshly washed linen drying in the summer sun. Elevate your mood with this light, fresh and clean scent.
  3. Peppermint: America’s favorite flavored candy is loved for its refreshing herbal smell. This super scent can help clear your mind and improve concentration and memory.
  5. Lilac: Imagine relaxing in a field of summer flowers with the heady scent of lilac surrounds you. Lilac is renowned for its relaxing qualities.
  7. Freshly Cut Grass: Nothing says summer more than the scent of a lawn just mowed. This scent helps to keep you focused and energetic.
  9. Citronella: An insect repellent with a fresh citrusy scent that is a must for summertime barbecues and lazy evenings relaxing out on the deck.
  11. Tropical: Nothing says summer more than sipping a piña colada at the beach. Create a tropical paradise with a tropical scent that is guaranteed to transport you on a virtual vacation from the comfort of your home.
  13. Lavender Vanilla:  Two classic scents to help induce deep relaxation. These two scents are known to bring tranquility and encourage sleep.
  15. Lemon: The “Super C” fruit is not just great for eating but can improve energy levels and alertness simply through smell.
  17. Summer Fruit: You can almost taste the delightful sweetness of summer fruits with scents like Watermelon, Cherries and Strawberry Kiwi. These sensual smells are intuitive love drugs.

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