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What our customers are saying...

"This is a really nice candle and if you are impatient you will miss out on a great smelling candle that is not overwhelming with its scent! The longer this candle burns the more the scent keeps spreading. It could eventually be smelled from most any room in our home with an open door. This candle did not bother my allergies at all and that is a big plus for me!"

"This was my first Candlove candle and I LOVE it! The scent was noticeable fifteen minutes, or so after lighting the candle but it was definitely worth the wait!"

"This candle smells wonderful and fills the room completely, definitely recommend!"

"I couldn't have been happier with the entire product and ordering experience! The candle was sent in a secure and protective package that provided the first sign of quality! I was also delighted with the label design and scent as both were just as advertised!"